Josef Hegenbarth, Illustration zu „Till Eulenspiegel. Ein Volksbuch“, 1941
© SKD, Foto: Herbert Boswank

ANTIHEROES. Fools on paper

Inspired by the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden's annual theme "Loneliness and Empathy", the exhibition in the Josef-Hegenbarth-Archive focuses on the fool. He makes us laugh, not only at the jokes and pranks he makes to amuse and pass the time, but also because he holds up a mirror to our own inadequacies.

  • Exhibition Site Josef-Hegenbarth-Archive
  • DATES 30/05/2021—24/04/2022
  • Opening Hours 15—18   (Donnerstag nach telefonischer Voranmeldung unter Tel.: 0351 4914 3211)
  • Admission Fees normal 3 €, reduced fee 2 €, for visitors under 17 years free, groups from 10 people 2,50 €, workshops price per group 25 €

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The fool embodies freedom and imperfection as well as disobedience. He triggers longings for an unadjusted view of the world. In this respect, he is intimately connected to his counterpart, helping us overcome loneliness, encouraging reflection, allowing us to empathise and understand ourselves and each other.

The exhibition starts with Hegenbarth's illustrations of Till Eulenspiegel and Don Quixote. These are juxtaposed with depictions of jesters and fools from the 16th century until today from the holdings of the Kupferstich-Kabinett, the Schenkung Sammlung Hoffmann and the Archiv der Avantgarden.

© SKD, Foto: Herbert Boswank
Josef Hegenbarth, illustration for "Till Eulenspiegel. A chapbook", 1941 brush drawing

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Works by Francisco de Goya, Joseph Beuys, Charlie Chaplin, Pablo Picasso and others, as well as works by young artists Alexander Endrullat and Diana Ludzay, both graduates of the Dresden University of Fine Arts, illustrate the fascination, abundance and validity of the fool as a topic until today.

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