Maria Sewcz: Auszug der Seele, Ch. B., 2000
© Maria Sewcz, VG Bildkunst

Departure of the Soul. Christian Borchert’s Archive

in Photographs by Maria Sewcz

The Kupferstich-Kabinett presents the photo series “Departure of the Soul, Ch. B.” by Maria Sewcz as an annotation to its large retrospective “Christian Borchert. The Tectonics of Remembrance.”

  • DATES 26/10/2019—08/03/2020

[Translate to English:] In eindringlichen Schwarz-Weiß-Bildern

In haunting black-and-white pictures, the Berlin photographer captures Borchert’s apartment and archive after his early death by drowning – shortly before and while the executor dismantled this unique arrangement and distributed the artist’s estate among several institutions. Borchert’s almost reverent treatment of photographic material is perceptible in these images as is the grief of the photographer, who was mourning the loss of her treasured colleague and friend.

© Maria Sewcz, VG Bildkunst
Maria Sewcz: Auszug der Seele, Ch. B., 2000 Silbergelatinepapier, 194 x 290 mm, 219 x 303 mm

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