Johanna und Josef Hegenbarth beim Fasching
© SKD, Foto: Dirk Gedlich

Johanna und Josef Hegenbarth. Love at the Elbe Slopes

In 1921, the artist Josef Hegenbarth purchased the house at Calberla Street 2 in Loschwitz near Dresden. There he not only glanced at the beautiful surroundings, but also at the neighbour’s daughter Johanna Aster, who he married in 1936.

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  • DATES 04/05/2013—27/10/2013


Before the love match, several courting letters were exchanged and the lovers met “under the acacia”. From the slowly developing romance between the older artist and the younger seamstress, a love affair grew under difficult political and social conditions. It culminated in the founding of the Josef-Hegenbarth-Archiv by Johanna. Personal letters and photographs from the estate, which have not yet been published, and selected graphic sheets depict the close and creatively productive love at the Elbe slopes.

Johanna und Josef Hegenbarth auf dem Balkon ihres Hauses
© SKD, Foto: Dirk Gedlich
Johanna und Josef Hegenbarth auf dem Balkon ihres Hauses, Calberlastr. 2, in Dresden-Loschwitz

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