Wagen mit vier Pferden, im Himmel
© Sammlung Henning Hoesch, Foto: Jean Bernard

Anselmi to Zuccari. Master Drawings from the Hoesch Collection

Collecting connects: collectors bring things together, take pleasure from the direct encounter with their own treasures and share this joy with kindred spirits. In keeping with this maxim, this summer the Kupferstich-Kabinett (Museum of Prints, Drawings and Photographs) offers visitors the opportunity to see high-profile Old Master drawings from the Henning Hoesch Collection, rarely on display. Selected sheets from the holdings of the Kupferstich-Kabinett join the guest drawings, establishing new relationships between objects.

  • DATES 10/06/2022—11/09/2022

Vertreten sind

Drawings by Italian masters from the 16th to the 18th centuries are complemented by works by other Europeans from this period. Fascinating yet little-known artists such as Michelangelo Anselmi are shown together with celebrated names, including Andrea Boscoli, Annibale, Agostino and Ludovico Carracci, Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, known as Guercino, Claude Lorrain, Pier Francesco Mola, Jacopo Palma il Giovane, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo and the Zuccari brothers.

Photographie de Jean BERNARD ©
Andrea Boscoli: Triumph of Bacchus, 1582 (?) Henning Hoesch Collection

Ausgewählte Blätter

The exhibition allows viewers to peer over the shoulders of these artists and observe how they alternately sketch or carefully work through their ideas — whether figures, narrative scenes, or landscapes. The medium of drawing, which may involve pencil, pen or brush, offers a unique way to experience the process of creation up close, and in so doing to enter into a dialogue that spans centuries.



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Research project

Italian Drawings of the Sixteenth Century

Starting in 2017, the 16th-century Italian drawings of the Kupferstich-Kabinett have been studied and researched.

Giulio Romano, Phantastischer Flügel mit Krallen und Auge
© Kupferstich-Kabinett, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden
Italian drawings of the 16th century in the Kupferstich-Kabinett

A Wider View

Under the title "A Wider View", individual sheets from the cataloguing project on the Italian drawings of the 16th century will be presented alternately in the exhibition.

Exhibition brochure

With the collector through the exhibition

In an itinerary written especially for the exhibition, Henning Hoesch guides us through the abundance of artworks, sharing his thoughts and providing additional information about the genesis of the drawings and the collection.

Rückenansicht einer Frau
© Sammlung Henning Hoesch, Foto: Jean Bernard


Information for journalists


High-resolution press images and further information can be found in our newsroom.

Wagen mit vier Pferden, im Himmel
© Sammlung Henning Hoesch, Foto: Jean Bernard


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